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Skincare tips during the COVID-19

Most of us are washing hands or using hand sanitizer more frequently these days, we are also wearing face masks in public or during works shifts for a longer duration. These safety measures are key to reducing the spread of the virus, but they can irritate & damage your skin. Making a few skin cares changes for your hands & face can help us counteract these effects.

Hand Care

Be Gentle on your hand: Use cool or lukewarm water to wash your hand with soap or hand wash. Avoid hot water as it may damage your skin.

Moisturize: After washing your hands, gently rinse & pat them dry. Washing hands frequently can make your skin dry, apply plenty of moisturizer if you feel dryness in your hand.

Facial Care:

Make regular skincare routine: Use cleanser & moisturize your face before & after use of a mask. If your skin is oily use water-soluble moisturizer.

Ease Blisters: If blister forms due to friction between mask & skin, keep it clean & use an antibiotic ointment. You can also use a bandage to create a protective barrier between the blister & mask. Consult your dermatologist if a blister is formed frequently.

Treat Acne: If you have acne-prone skin, acne might develop due to friction between skin & mask. Cleanse your skin regularly & use water-soluble moisturizer, avoid popping or squeezing a pimple can it can lead to infection. Consultant your dermatologist for proper acne treatment. 

Avoid foods with a high glycaemic index: A healthy, balanced diet is good for your skin, too. While there is no one miracle food that will give you great skin, there are foods you should try to avoid. “Foods with a high glycaemic index are not good for your skin,”.

Exercise: Exercise causes your body to release endorphins, that elevate your mood. making it a great way to reduce stress and anxiety and help keep your skin clear. Do not forget to take shower post-workout, as sweat might clog pores and results in acne.

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