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Thread lifts

Thread lift involves insertion of a thread under the skin in such a way that the overlying skin is lifted Monofilament or Cog PDO threads are used to in thread lift procedure. These threads are biodegradable. Thread lifts are non-surgical and are gaining in popularity due to its good efficacious results, lesser downtime and low cost.
The areas of skin which are loose and are sagging can be tighten & volumized by the threads which provide a supportive structure to the aging skin. Thread lifts rejuvenate & restore the youthful contours of the face like the brows, cheeks, jawline and the neck area. In addition to the face, they are also used to improve the tone and give a youthful appearance to areas of the body prone for sagging like breasts, buttocks and the arms.
Thread lifts can be done under topical or local anesthesia without any hospitalization and any prolonged recovery period.


This procedure is recommended for ageing sagging face, Lax loose skin over face, neck, arms, abdomen, & buttocks, those desiring a better youthful facial shape & angles.

No, thread lifts are a more subtle and natural process. They work better when done alongside with Botox.

The treatment lasts for a maximum of an hour, depending on the body part chosen.

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