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Resurfacing Fractional Laser

We also have an advanced fractional LASER for resurfacing of acne scars, scars of various origin, aging skin, fine and coarse wrinkles, dilated pores, uneven pigmentation and to improve the texture of the skin. The LASER energy is delivered in micro- beams to focused areas of the skin, leaving skip areas on the skin that are left normal and undamaged. These untreated skin cells are able to rapidly heal the treated skin with new skin cells. Fractional LASER also penetrates the skin into the dermis much deeper than conventional resurfacing techniques. Deeper penetration causes more effective new collagen production. This characteristic results in improved skin plumping and better skin texture. Skin healing is much quicker, and the risks of complications are very minimal. The downtime is minimized in this fractional LASER treatment compared to the conventional resurfacing LASERs. The fractional LASER with minimal energy settings can also be used to perform a LASER peels resulting in an even tone with reduction of blemishes.


Although the treatment by itself takes only 45 minutes, the numbing cream applied prior to the treatment needs to sit for an hour. Thus, approximately 2 hours of clinic time is taken.

For best results, an average of 4 to 5 sittings is suggested depending on the severity of the skin condition.

The results for resurfacing laser treatment can be very long lasting that goes to about 5-7 years or more, if taken good care of along with sun care protection.

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