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Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation is a service where warts, skin tags or any benign growths on the face, neck or any part of the body are removed. Skin- tags are growths of varying size that commonly occur on the face, neck and under-arms. Very small, minute growths can also occur in the area below the lower eyelids.
Warts are also growths on the skin of varying size and surface texture that occur at any part of the body. Warts are due a viral infection and are contagious. The area to be treated would be numbed with an anaesthetic cream or a tiny injection of a local anaesthetic. Post service, scabs would appear in the area which falls off over the period of a few days. Creams would be prescribed to be used for a few days after the treatment. Sun protection has to be followed for a few weeks for best results.


Radio frequency tightens your skin, reduces fine wrinkle lines and also removes any extra skin growths from your body.

One service may last for a few months, however, getting treatment done over regular intervals will give better long lasting results.

No, you will be given ample numbing cream before the treatment.

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