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Laser Tattoo Removal

LASER tattoo removal is a technique to remove the unwanted tattoo permanently. It is the best and effective method to eliminate a tattoo. LASERs through the high intensity beam and deeper penetration heat up and break down the pigment particles of the tattoo which is then broken down by the body and cleared from the skin by the immune system. Black coloured tattoos are easy to remove while multiple colour tattoos may prove to be difficult. TThe number of treatment sessions required depends on the age of the tattoo, size of the tattoo, colour of the tattoo and more importantly on how deep the tattoo pigment is deposited. It takes multiple sessions to remove a tattoo and after each visit the tattoo becomes progressively lighter. Before the procedure, the area will be numbed by a topical anesthetic cream. After the procedure, the treated area will exhibit redness and mild swelling which subside in few hours to days. Occasionally there can be mild blistering of the treated skin. The possibility of hypo-pigmentation (reduced pigmentation) exists in some tattoos post removal. This treatment is simple, safe with good results even to tattoos which have not responded to any other form of treatment.


Somewhere between 5 to 8 sessions are required, depending on the size and complexion of the individual.

An interval of about 6 weeks between each session can be taken.

Only if there was any scarring during the tattoo piercing process, will the scar remain. The removal process by itself does not leave any scar.

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