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Chemical Peels

Walk out of our clinic with a glow like never before by taking up our chemical peel service that last just for a few minutes. Chemical Peels are an inexpensive, yet effective treatment method of removing the superficial layer of the skin and thus resulting in improved tone and texture of the skin. The treatment tackles several cosmetic skin conditions such as uneven pigmentation, acne, aging skin, under eye dark circles and additionally gives a glow to your face. It can reduce spots on the face and even out textural irregularities on the skin.
There are various depths of chemical peels that can be done. The appropriate type and depth of peeling would depend on the condition of your skin, after a thorough evaluation by our expertise team. Each session of chemical peel services takes only up to 15 minutes of our client’s time.


No. although chemical peel is most commonly performed on the face skin only, it can also be done in other parts of the body such as elbows, knees and underarms.

No, chemical peeling is not painful. Clients may feel only a mild tingling sensation on their skin and nothing more.

The results of the treatment may last up to few months. It is not permanent as the nature of our skin continues to age.

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