Tired of your pores getting bigger and BIGGER? Then try avoiding these habits to conquer those constantly expanding pores:

  1. Picking your pimples – Yes, I understand this is very hard to do and while a lot of friends may try to convince you that you need to do this, do NOT pick your pimples. Just, no. Squeezing and stretching your skin leads to fine line formation, irritation and inflammation. The pressure you apply also increases oil and bacteria transfer from your hands. Use salicylic acid of benzoyl peroxide instead to shrink your zits.
  2. Touching your face – From the desk, to lunch boxes, door knobs, and what not, your hands travel a lot throughout the day. It’s best to avoid touching your face over and over to avoid the transfer of allergens, bacteria, oil and other impurities. Try to be more aware of how much you touch your face during the day.
  3. Falling asleep with makeup on – This could cause breakouts and speed up the aging process. ALWAYS use cleansing facial wipes to remove any makeup before heading to bed.
  4. Forgetting to exfoliate – Cleansers cannot remove all the dead skins that build up over the week. You need to exfoliate at least once or twice a week to make sure dirt doesn’t get clogged in your pores. This will only make them bigger.
  5. Using unsuitable makeup – If you use a concealer that is comedogenic, i.e. pore blocking, then this is going to clog your skin. Avoid anything with oils, waxes and butters. Try using mineral makeup instead!
  6. Never investing in a pore-minimizing cream – Ladies, please try out the magical effects of glycominoglycans. I know it sounds complicated but all it does is firm the skin around the pores, minimizing them. Also, prescription retinoids can reduce the size of enlarged pores. They dissolve the bacteria that cause acne which cause the swelling of pores.

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